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Man Carrying Child in Arms

Build a Brighter Future

We asked some of the children, who have come to us over the years, to tell us what a perfect world would look like to them. Some said it would be perfect if their little brother would quit bugging them, or if there was no homework. But no matter what else they mentioned, or how young they were, every one of them used words like "safe," and "family," and "love.," to describe what a perfect world would look like to them.

When one or more family members suffer from the often debilitating effects of mental illness, the result can be embarrassment, shame and even more devastating - parents may find it difficult to maintain a safe and nurturing family environment. The resulting stress placed on the family can include exhaustion, fear, anger, and many more emotions that, if left un-cared for, can lead to family violence...or in the abuse or neglect of the children. If a child has emotional disturbance, especially, the parents and other family members need help to maintain safe and stable, nurturing family life.

For over 60+ years, FSASB has been guiding families in crisis through difficult times. Many times the crisis involves child abuse and domestic violence. Working with County agencies, FSASB identifies problem areas, and provides treatment through a wide array of programs and services to low income, under and uninsured families. These range from a 52-week Domestic Violence Class to 12-week Parenting and Anger Management Workshops for individual/family therapy to support the family's long-term recovery.

An emergency food pantry is also located at our Crestline location. It distributes food to residents twice a month, and works in conjunction with the USDA and many other local organizations to assure that no family goes hungry.

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